Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 2021


At Inphonik, we respect your privacy. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how your data is used and for what purpose, in the clearest and most understable possible way, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Relugation. Inphonik will be the data controller of your personal data.

The Inphonik Website

Accessible from URL, Inphonik’s website (referenced as “the Website”) is our main presence and representation on the web. Domain names, and are also owned by Inphonik. The Website is served through HTTP and HTTPS protocols (the latter being prefered for your privacy).


The Website is entirely developed by Inphonik using the fantastic static site generator Hugo.

The Website is absolutely free of any cookie. To ensure this comfort, every content on this website (including audio and video) is hosted on the Website.


The Website is hosted by Netlify, Inc., a GDPR/CCPA compliant US hosting provider.

Netlify, Inc., 2325 3rd Street, Suite 296, San Francisco, California 94107

Data Collection and Processing

The Website does not collect nor processes any data without your explicit consentment (which you won’t be asked for as we do not wish that). However, the contact and support request forms both require your email address in sole order for us to be able to answer your message.


The Newsletter is powered by MailJet, an ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant email platform. The Newsletter collects your email address in sole order for us to send you products announcements, updates and sales promo codes.

The Website features link to external resources or third-party websites and services such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. When accessing these locations, you agree to their respectual Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

Digital Product and Content Delivery

When purchasing digital products on the Website (i.e. by clicking typical “Buy Now”), actual processing of your order, from payment to delivery, is handled by SendOwl, a GDPR compliant UK company.

SendOwl - Concept Den Limited
UK registered company: 06807274
9th Floor - 107 Cheapside - London, England

Data Collection and Processing

SendOwl only collects data required by the sole successful handling of your purchase. For further information, please refer to SendOwl’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.